Transform your home’s ambiance

Air/Q is a fully adjustable, safe and eco-friendly air-freshening system that eliminates home odors caused by pets, smokers, kids, trash cans, mold and mildew, and delivers the fresh scent of your choice. Air/Q was created expressly to replace aerosols, plug-in air fresheners, reed diffusers, scented candles and other old-fashioned, low-performance air fresheners that often pose health, ecological and safety risks. Air/Q works automatically to erase odors and create the desired scent effect without flame or heat and without releasing any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Our Air Fresheners

Air/Q Whole Room Air Freshener
Transforms your home's ambiance room by room.

Air/Q Whole House Air Freshener
Transforms your entire home via the heating and air conditioning system.